Blade Assembly

CODE: BBL800/22


Blade Assembly

CODE: BBL420/58


Chopping Blade

CODE: BSB510/37


Chopping Bowl 750ml

CODE: BSB510/41


Chopping Bowl Lid

CODE: BSB510/44


Glass Jug Kit with Blade & Seal



Inner Lid - with silicon seal new version

CODE: BBL605/01.1


Inner measuring cup

CODE: BBL910/122


Jug 2 LT complete with blades

CODE: BBL910/131


Lid for jug

CODE: BBL910/125


Locking Ring for Blades

CODE: BBL420/57


Outer Lid

CODE: BBL420/03


Outer Lid - with silicone seal new version

CODE: BBL605/02.1


Plastic Jar and Blade Assembly

CODE: BBL605/17


Processing Bowl Lid with Seal

CODE: BSB530/106



CODE: BBL420/59


Spindle Assembly

CODE: BSB530/140


Whisk Attachment

CODE: BSB530/195