House Hold

Adapter With Seal

CODE: BR64184624


All In One Food Processor MQ70 (1.5L)

CODE: BR67051023


Base MQ30 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050138


Beaker 600ml

CODE: BR67050132


Beaker Lid 600ml

CODE: BR67050133


Blade Assembly

CODE: 7322310944


Blade CA4000 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050141


Blade for 750ml Blender

CODE: BR67051167


Blade for CA Chopper

CODE: BR64188635


Blade MQ20 (350ml) *OUT OF STOCK*

CODE: BR67050146


Blade MQ30 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050141


Blade MQ40 (1.25L)

CODE: BR67050276


Blade MQ70 (1.5L)

CODE: BR67051017


Blender Bowl 750ml

CODE: 7322010214


Blending Attachment Plastic

CODE: BR67050130


Blending Attachment Stainless Steel

CODE: BR67050778


Blending Shaft

CODE: BR67050832


Blending Shaft

CODE: BR81304897


Chopping Attachment CA4000 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050425


Chopping Attachment White MQ30 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050193


Chopping container CA

CODE: BR64188634


Citrus Juicer Basket

CODE: BR67051147


Citrus Juicer Cone

CODE: BR67051146


Coarse Shredding Insert MQ70 (1.5L)

CODE: BR67051215


Coarse Slicing Insert MQ70 (1.5L)

CODE: BR67051214


Container CA4000 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050142


Container MQ30 (500ml)

CODE: BR67050142


Container MQ40 (1.25L)

CODE: BR67050277


Container MQ70 (1.5L)

CODE: BR67051021


Course Shredding Blade

CODE: BR67000492