*Rangehood Exhaust Filter Cleaner


Price: $12

Formulated to speedily remove oil, grease, wax, carbon, inks, dyes, creosote, mildew, exhaust stains, and other stubborn stains from all hard surfaces.

Allows most soils to be removed without hard rubbing.  Is non-flammable, non-toxic and non-residual.  Is safe on all hard surfaces. Will not harm sound paint work. Contains a special rust inhibitor, to protect metal surfaces.

INDUSTRY: safely cleans grease from machinery - equipment - walls - small parts - concrete floors - sludge, etc.

MACHINE, AUTOMOTIVE AND ENGINEERS: is a superior cleaner for motors - motor parts - equipment - tanks - cement floors - shower stalls. 

RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS: cleans stoves - food preparation areas - ventilation hoods - floors - walls.

FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES: For bakeries, abattoirs, meat packers, poultry processors, breweries, drink manufacturers and canneries. Dissolves carbon, wax and grease from processing and packaging machines. Dissolves fat and grease from meat processing equipment.

Directions for use: Hydrosolv is supplied in a ready to use solution. Apply by brush, swab or spray, and allowed to remain a short time. The surface may then be rinsed or wiped with a clean, damp cloth. For heavier soils a stronger solution and longer contact time should be employed.  500ml spary bottle.

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