Ceran & Glass Cleaner


Price: $9

Cleans all windows, mirrors, and glass fixtures quickly and easily.  A balanced blend of alcohol solvents and detergents each designed to perform individual fucntions in the removal of soils that contaminate glass products.  Dissolves spirit soluble soils, removes sticky gum residues

GLISTEN is a balanced blend of alcohol, solvents, detergents and silicone polymers, each designed to perform individual functions in the removal of all soils that contaminate glass products in commercial areas.

Alcohol dissolves all spirit soluble soils. Removes sticky residues, gums, dust and road grime. The selected SOLVENTS are both oil and water soluble, dissolving oily residues and making them miscible with water.

The detergency of GLISTEN assists in the penetration and removal of all soils and in the suspension of these solids so that they will not re-deposit on the clean surface.

The silicone polymers create and maintain a slippery polished surface to all treated glass and assist in achieving an anti misting effect.

Directions for use: GLISTEN should be used sparingly. It may be used neat or diluted with equal parts water for spray on, wipe off application to windows and mirrors etc. Distribution over the surface can sometimes be enhanced by spraying GLISTEN onto a cloth and wiping this over the surface. GLISTEN is an excellent additive to the water reservoir of automobile windscreen washers. Used at a rate of 6 ml per litre of water, GLISTEN removes oiliness, dust and road grime quickly and completely.

500ml spray bottle 

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